Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make Tower with Newspaper?

Okey.For first week,Dr Ummi was introduced to us about her subject to teach.Her subject is STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT & OPERATION .For first week,we learned about strategic management introduction.Dr Ummi told us to built one tower with newspaper..:)

We must to think how to built the strong and tall building by using the newspaper only. no sole tape, no stapler, no gum. after we finish built the building,Dr Ummi will exermine and judges based on tower..:)

My group tower is tallest than other group but easy to fallen down because the based not strong..:)

New Semester New Spirit

Assalamualaikum wbt

Wah!for first time,i need to change my language to fullfill the big task by my subject..Ergh!.really hard.Oh ya,currently i am at final year at USIM.For this last semester, Dr Ummi Salwa is teaching us for subject strategic management and operations. Wow! cool.Besides that she had given us an individual assignment to develop our own blogs.I already have my own rusty blog.I just continue to polish my blog again.hahaha

I really hope this method can make my english better.I really confidence that 'winners never quit and quiiter never win'