Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sharing Session With The Founder of O-SHIMA Restaurant

Today we had a sharing session with the founder of O-SHIMA restaurant, Pn Asnidar Hanim Yusuf.
She set up her business on 2009 where this restaurant provides Halal Japanese Food.She said O-SHIMA is name of big island in Japan. As asual,when started the business, Pn Asnidar had faces many challenges and obstacle. She always be strong  and never give up .

She is an owner of her restaurant but still her dressed resembled an engineer style, respect for her for being able to exit from her comfort zone to be an entrepreneur! – Arraharatnasari K Maarof

Full surprising from oshima..maybe one day,they can prepare full enviromental of japanese culture  - Nasrul Hakim Roslan

Bento Delivery!

Food Tutorial Preparation 

Tuna Mayo maki sushi 

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