Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chapter 9 : Corporate Culture and Leadership

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Today we will learn about Corporate Culture and Leadership.This is chapter 9.What we can get from this topic?Firstly,we can gain an understanding of how and why a company’s culture can aid the drive for proficient strategy execution.Besides that we will learn the kinds of actions management can take to change a problem corporate culture.Lastly, Understand what constitutes effective managerial leadership in achieving superior strategy execution.

           Business is the most important engine for social change for social change in our society
Lawrence Perlman – Former CEO of Ceridian Corporation
What is corporate culture?
Corporate culture is the meshing of shared values, beliefs, business principles, and traditions that imbues a firm’s operating style, behavioral norms, ingrained attitudes, and work atmosphere.Corporate culture is important because Is important because it influences the firm’s actions and approaches to conducting business.

Unhealthy Cultures That Impede Good Strategy Execution
·  Incompatible Subcultures
·  Change-resistant cultures
·  Politicized
·  Unethical and greed-driven cultures
·  Insular, inwardly focused cultures
Symbolic to changes cultures is replace the management, Ceremonial events to honor exemplary employees and lastly physical symbols that represent
the new culture

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