Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last Topic.:)

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Today we will learn last topic for Strategic Management.We will learn about managing internal operations: actions that promote good strategy execution.As usually,we will learn the objectives.Firstly Learn why resource allocation should always be based on strategic priorities.Besides that, we can understand how well-designed policies and procedures can facilitate good strategy execution.

Now,we will look how policies and procedures facilitate good strategy execution


How to Managing for Continuous Improvement?
·  Benchmarking
·  Best Practicers
·  Total Quality Management (TQM)
·  Sixth Sigma Qualities Programmes
·  Process Reengineering

Benefits of Information Technologies
·  Enable better strategy execution through data-based decisions
·  Strengthen organizational capabilities
·  Allow for real-time tracking of implementation initiatives and daily operations
·  Provide monitoring of empowered employee performance (electronic scorecards)
·  Build closer relationships with customers


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