Sunday, December 8, 2013

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Today we will learn about building an organization capable of good strategy execution: people, capabilities, and structure.Ok we will look the objective.Firstly,we can learn why hiring, training, and retaining the right people constitute a key component of the strategy execution process. Besides that Understand that good strategy execution requires continuously building and upgrading the organization’s resources and capabilities. We also can recognize what issues to consider in establishing a strategy-supportive organizational structure and organizing the work effort.Lastly, we can become aware of the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized decision making in implementing the chosen strategy.

Management of many is the same as management of few.It is matter of organiszation
Sun Tzu – Ancient Chinese general,strategies and philosopher

What is The 10 Basic Tasks of the Strategy Execution Process?


Firstly with Managerial Actions to Develop Competencies and Capabilities can bring out positive effect of strengthen the firm’s base of skills, knowledge, and intellect and coordinate and integrate the efforts of work groups and departments

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