Sunday, December 8, 2013

Forum Motivations and Rewards.

What companies do to motivate and reward employees? Find one example of any organizations and describe the way that the organization motivate and reward its' employees.

Everyone or every companies have their own method to increase their workers to do good works and kept well their motivation.
The example that i brought for this topic is my father work company. .FPSO Ventures is joint ventures with Petronas and specialize in Oil and Gas.The my father job task is reduce injured and kept well safety and health of FPSO staff speacially in offshore.The company will make special meeting to evaluation my father department.They will audit and look for injured cases if happen.For this year,alhamdulillah.My father department kept well zero accident in offshore.
As reward,my father department is given some bonuses and give vacations at Langkawi Island.This gift will give extra motivation and boost the staff to kept well their commitment to company.

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